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Seven members of CAPTivate Gymnastics Performance team hold a candlestick pose during their routine at Alberta Gymfest in front of balloons


CAPTivate Founder Hayley Silberg enjoyed advanced recreational gymnastics as a child, teenager, and through university. After graduation, there were few alternatives other than adult drop-ins and coaching kids. She coached kids’ performance teams for 6 years, often stepping in for missing athletes or demonstrating acrobatic tricks, and realized that being on a performance team is REALLY FUN and a phenomenal workout. Hayley panted with exhaustion and exhilaration after subbing for full routines and wondered why this activity didn’t exist for adults, why people “retire” from the sport of gymnastics, and what to do if an adult drop-in session is intimidating, lonely, or un-motivating?

CAPTivate Gymnastics was born in Calgary in September 2018 as a supportive community for fitness-minded adults. It started as only performance teams, then grew to include adult artistic gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling, even adult competitions! It’s a place for total beginners to learn gymnastics and acrobatics with proper coaching instruction and safe progressions. It’s also a place for former gymnasts to regain, maintain and improve their skills in a motivating team environment. It’s a place for everyone to feel supported yet challenged, to develop one's playful side, and to belong to an incredible community, all while having lots of fun!


To hear the full story of how CAPTivate was created, listen to Hayley Silberg's guest appearance on Better Late, a podcast about adult gymnastics.

"What an amazing experience! I am such a shy person and it was an instant family feel! Everyone was so supportive and friendly. The coaching was thorough and amazingly adaptive for each athlete and their abilities! Thanks, CAPTivate, for letting me join the family."

CAPTivate Athlete, May 2019

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