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Program Styles

We offer 3 styles of adult gymnastics programs! What are your goals? What equipment would you like to use?

  • Acro & Tumbling has an extra focus on handstands and includes partner and group acrobatics, acroyoga, dance lifts, tumbling, and flips. Most (but not all) of our "Acro & Tumbling" programs are Performance Teams, where all of the above skills are combined into a choreographed group routine, performed non-competitively for audiences at the program's respective provincial gymnaestrada showcase.

“CAPTivate creates a culture of inclusivity and growth. Coaches and athletes alike are encouraging and supportive of each other, regardless of skill or fitness level. It's refreshing to see a group of people so invested in each others' growth and development as athletes.”

CAPTivate Athlete, October 2022

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